• 27 February, 2012 Free Chocolates and Biscuits


    Free Chocolates – Free Laddus – Free Biscuits on 27th February, 2012

    Free Free Free yammy Chocolates, Laddus and Biscuits for Orphanage kids. who just love when ever i go they just jump up and loud and run everywhere. Super………all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

    If you see one of the beautiful picture 2 kids sharing one same plate and having lunch. They are so pure, true and super big sacred hearts.

    They Only Know One Thing LOVE LOVE AND SUPER LOVE.


    Rashmi who’s mother left her on street and father unknown is super smart took over all and got all attention all the time by singing, dancing and all the time running all over. she knows every other kids name isn’t it super cool.


    Due to society most of the mother left these kids on streets and fathers unknown.




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