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    VEDULA RAMALAKSHMI     Chief Advisor

    After 92 years of life with strong will to make sure no kid goes through what her only 9 months daughter faced. After husband passed away with 9 months baby went against the tradition of shaved head and white saree and raised only daughter. With strong will and braveness faced the village filled with customs and traditions and gave only daughter a new life.  Life continues with interest from heart to do her best till the last minute in her life to help kids as long as she can and how much ever she can.















    Retired bank officer with 4 sisters and 2 brothers who is from a small village called Visweshwara Agraharam just only one street with 6 families. Never thought of living in a city but the life has taken a turn. Being eldest son fulfilled the responsibilities of taking care of the entire family.

    Studied under street lights and slept on hills and parks and completed his graduation in big city Hyderabad and then got a job in a Bank. With help of bank loan got a place to live and invited his complete family.

    Successfully retired from bank after 35 years of service and lives with belief of serving the mankind and to give a better quality life especially to children.







    SIKHA ANASUYA     Trustee


    Retired Government employee after 34 years of service in forest department understands how important the trees are and our nature for us to live a HEALTHY life.

    First person to study and work in the entire family history. With support from her mother and grandfather achieved life goals. She lost her father when she was only 9 months.

    Born in Kakinada and after marriage moved to Hyderabad, and taken up the responsibilities of her husband and his family and achieved great praise from her father-in-law late Mr. Viswanadham Sikha: GRUHALAKSHMI – Goddess of the House.

    Since first couple moved to Hyderabad city from village, supported rest of the village and nearby to come and stay in the same one room to pursue their careers in education and employment and helped them in settling in life.

    After retirement dedicated life in giving poor children HEALTH  and HAPPINESS.







    Dr. SATISH SIKHA     Founder



    Couture fashion designer turned environmentalist is no ordinary man. He is a man with a clear mission who has branded a new sense of awareness among various sectors creating a hybrid of illusion among new environmentalist groups, fashion designers, models, actors and schools. His unique mission encompasses children’s health and well-being with relation to environmental issues and global awareness.

    Sikha was a successful high fashion couture designer who’s high profile couture store along with his couture line was among side those such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Eli Saab and Armani. In addition, his fine dining Indian fusion cuisine restaurant was rated no.1 in Toronto and went on to become an official partner for the Toronto International Film Festival.

    Inspired by his own health challenges he recognized awareness in his surroundings and the environment and left behind his successful high profile career to become an ambassador for global warming and educational awareness among this sector.

    Sikha emphasized the importance and significance that trees play in our life and how easily we take these for granted.  Furthermore, Sikha stated that the aim is for every person to have one tree within 12ft distance  to where they sleep and that the tree should be of  the same age or older.

    Other imperative and valuable realizations that have driven Sikha to pursue a different lifestyle and that may aid you in realizing your reason on this earth and feel life is worth living are that monetary satisfaction is negative satisfaction because it is a never ending quest to obtain  satisfaction. Whereas, helping others and making a difference in their life is a real positive satisfaction that will fulfill you internally as a human being. Sikha strongly believes that serving mankind is equal to serving God or a higher being and because of their innocence and purity and genuinely good heartedness children are a resemblance of God.

    To create awareness of how we together with our children can live a better and a healthy life, Sikha commenced this project by sharing messages about Global warming. He begun this inspiring and significant journey from the Arctic Ocean – North Pole, showcasing in schools and inspiring children with the world’s longest eco hand woven silk fabric with messages from different dignitaries from around the world on individual one yard of fabrics collected in the last 2 years 9 months and  hand sewn all as one single long piece. The overall objective and purpose of this project is to create environmental awareness among children from around the world starting from the Arctic Ocean and culminating in the Antarctic Ocean.

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